Dean’s Potatoes

Dean’s Potatoes

My husband created this recipe and it goes good with roasted chicken.

Please note that all of the amounts are rough guestimates because Dean goes by how it looks and smells.

Olive oil (enough to just barely coat everything)

About 3 pounds of potatoes (use when older and spongy, they work best for this)

2 med sweet onions, minced.

The spices are all about 1 tsp each of the following:


Garlic salt

Garlic powder




Italian seasoning

Combine all ingredients and toss with spoon until potatoes are coated well with spices and oil and onions are nicely distributed.  Place on sheet pan or bar pan.  We use a Pampered Chef stoneware bar pan.

Bake at 375 on bottom rack for about an hour.  Flip the potatoes with a spatula halfway through baking.  After an hour, place the potatoes on the top rack and bake for about another 15 minutes, again flipping about halfway through.  Bake until potatoes are crisp but not rock hard.

Here are some pictures of the potatoes during prep.  Will post a picture of the finished product later on.

002 001

Finished product:

007 (2) 008 (2) 011

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