Maureen’s Loaded Baked Potatoes

As is the case for most of my recipes, nothing is formal (amounts or ingredients really).  We have this on a regular basis during the winter.  This is our first time this winter though.  I’ll tell you the amounts we used tonight,  but be aware that you can change up ingredients and/or amounts.

4 large baking potatoes

1 lb of ground beef

1/2 of a large white sweet onion, diced

butter, sour cream, fresh chopped chives, shredded cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, garlic and herb seasoning all to taste


1. Put the potatoes in the oven to bake.  We went for about an hour at 400 degrees.

2. Saute the ground beef and onion until cooked through.

3.  Once potatoes are done remove from the oven.

4.  Split open the potato and top with any of the above ingredients to your individual taste.

Note:  we always bake extra potatoes.  We make smaller portions of this to take for lunches and we also will make home fries this weekend with the leftover potatoes.


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