Maureen’s Chef Salad

As is the case with most of my recipes, amounts are really to your personal taste and ingredients can also vary depending on what I have on hand.  You can certainly vary this according to your own tastes.  This is what I did when I recently made lunch for a friend.

1 pkg mixed field greens

sliced white american cheese

sliced deli turkey

sliced genoa salami

sliced boiled ham

hard boiled eggs

grape tomatoes

shredded carrots

black olives

added in at the end by each person in the amounts they wanted:  croutons, salad dressing, sunflower seeds (shelled).

1. To a large salad b0wl add the field greens.

2. add the amount you like of the carrots, tomatoes, and black olives. Toss to mix thoroughly.

3. Roll the cold cuts. The cheese will crack and not roll, so I just folded it in thirds and place the whole stack in among the rolled cold cuts.

4. slice the eggs in half.

5. Lay cold cuts and eggs in a pretty pattern around the edges of the bowl.  I had extra eggs so I place those in the center.

Serve with your favorite dressing.  I also served croutons and sunflower seeds on the side so people could add them if they chose to.

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