Hawaiian Cheeseburger, Tangaroa Terrace Disneyland Hotel

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I saw this recipe somewhere online and thought it sounded good, so today we tried it out.  We had intended to grill, but the wind is so bad today we were afraid lighting charcoal would burn the neighborhood down so we broiled instead.

Hamburger patties

Fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and sliced into rings

Tomatoes, sliced

Green leaf lettuce

Terriyaki sauce

Havarti cheese, sliced

Cooked bacon


1.  Cook bacon, set aside.

2. Prepare the pineapple then either grill it or broil it until nice and warm, set aside.

2. Broil hamburgers to the desired degree of cooked that you prefer.  Add Havarti cheese and return to heat to melt.

3. Put one burger, one slice of pineapple, some bacon, lettuce and tomato on the bun and drizzle with terriyaki sauce.

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