Red Potato and Dill Salad (inspired by my Aunt Lena)

Years ago when visiting my Aunt Lena and Uncle Butch, Aunt Lena made a really great potato salad with red potatoes, dill and yogurt.  I think this is pretty close to what she did, but since I never wrote it down I can’t be sure.  This is my take on her salad.  All amounts are to your taste and the proportions you like.  I will write down the amounts I used today so you can see what the ratio should be like. I love that this uses half plain yogurt and half mayo.  Cuts the fat and boosts flavor.

2-3 pounds red skinned potatoes, diced with skin on

1 large heaping serving spoon of plain yogurt

1 large heaping serving spoon of mayonnaise

fresh dill, chopped (use dried if you cannot find fresh) to taste

3/4 of a small red onion, finely minced or diced

1. Clean and dice potatoes, cook until firm but tender

2. Drain and cool potatoes

3. Dice onions, set aside in mixing bowl.

4. Chop dill and add to onions in bowl.

5. Add potatoes to  bowl.

6. Add mayonnaise and yogurt to bowl.

7. Toss to coat and mix all ingredients well.  Taste and adjust seasoning if need be.

Note:  you could add salt and pepper, but I personally don’t think it is needed.


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