Maureen’s Spinach and Egg Salad

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I had a similar salad once from the pre-prepared section of the grocery store and I really liked it.  I have been making this ever since. I have thrown leftover cold bacon in at times, and tonight Dean added red seedless grapes to his and he said it was really good.  Here is what I usually do. Amounts are to your individual taste.

1 Bag baby spinach

Chow mein noodles


Sliced Almonds (I out these on the side and people can add to their own salad since hubby is allergic)

Hard boiled eggs, chopped (I used 4 today)

Honey Mustard dressing (I like Ken’s Steakhouse)

Combine all ingredients but the dressing and toss together.  Add dressing to individual portions so that you can keep leftovers from getting soggy.

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