Maureen’s Skillet Peaches A La Mode

We had a bunch of odds and ends of things left over or needing to be used  (peaches, 1 pie crust, blueberries) so I got to thinking about something I had made years ago from a recipe in a magazine.  It called for peach nectar and brown sugar (which hubby cannot have…brown sugar gives him a migraine).  So I looked around to see what I had that I could make something similar.  The result was absolutely fantastic.  So much so that hubby really enjoyed licking the spoon and the pan I used to make this.  I am thinking that I may make up the a big batch of the peach mixture and freeze it so we can have it for later on then thaw and heat to use as an ice cream topping this winter. I forgot to put some of the ingredients in the picture where I usually have all of the ingredients together though…sorry about that!  Here is what I did, you could certainly vary the amounts:


Vanilla Ice Cream

4 peaches

1/2 a jar of peach preserves

butter (a couple of tablespoons plus about 1/3 of a cup)

1 pie crust

cinnamon sugar

blueberries for garnish


1.  Roll out the pie crust and either cut into strips or use a cookie cutter (I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter).  Re-roll the scraps and cut some more until you don’t have enough left to make any more if you are using a cookie cutter.  Place pie crust cut outs on cookie sheet.

2. melt a couple of tablespoons of butter.  Brush cut outs with butter.

3. Dust cutouts with cinnamon sugar.

4.  Bake cuts outs for about 15-18 minutes at 350, or until they are cooked through, set aside.

5.  Slice peaches into manageable slices and remove pits.  Add to a skillet with the rest of the butter.

6.  Cook until warmed through.

7.  Add peach preserves and simmer until the butter and preserves coat everything and the sauce reduces a bit and is thick and bubbly.

8.  Remove from heat and let cool a bit.

9.  Assemble your dessert:  add some ice cream to a bowl, top with peach topping, add some blueberries on top and then place a cinnamon sugared cut out on the very top.


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