Grilled Veggies and Potatoes

I make this all the time and I just realized I have never blogged it. I don’t have photos of the whole process,but I do have a photo of the finished product so I will include that.  This recipe varies according to what I have on hand, and/or what  looks good at the store or farm stand.  We also vary what we do with it.  Sometimes the grilled veggies make a veggie pizza, sometimes we toss them over pasta, sometimes we serve as a side with grilled chicken or beef.  We also vary what we put over them, from bottled Italian dressing (viniagrette or creamy) or balsamic glaze/reduction.


What you need:  a variety of fresh vegetables, and some skewers.

What you do:  cut the veggies into large chunks and skewer.

Grill to the degree that you like them cooked (we like them crunchy).  I always make the skewers with one type of veggie on each so I can control the cooking better.  For example, tomatoes don’t need to cook as long as little potatoes, and peppers are somewhere in between.


On this day we used tomatoes, tiny potatoes, red onions and a variety of peppers. We served with marinated, grilled flank steak.


photo photo(1)


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