William Penn Pasta Liberty Tree Tavern Magic Kingdom

This my all time favorite meal that was served at the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  I was really sad when they took it off of the menu. I was glad that I could get the recipe and make it at home once in a while. We cut this recipe way down in order not to have enough to feed an army, so adjust for your needs.  We also used more than double the amount of spinach and I felt it could have used even more. For the pink sauce  I just added a little half and half to the jarred sauce instead of heavy cream.  I just added enough to make the sauce more of a pink color.  This way it tasted creamy without being so bad for you. For the herbs, I had run low on dried oregano so I used an Italian spice blend that I had on hand.  It was still good, but I prefer it with just plain basil.

12 oz. rigatoni pasta
32 oz. Pink Sauce (recipe below)
2 oz fresh spinach
4 oz. smoked bacon (diced)
4 to 6 oz. chicken breast

Render bacon in saute pan. Add pasta, pink sauce and spinach to pan. Toss and place in pasta bowl. Grill chicken and place on top of the pasta.

William Penn Chicken Marinade

4 to 6 oz. Chicken Breast
1 ounce Basil
1/2 ounce Thyme
1/2 cup Canola oil
Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Mix together until the chicken is evenly coated with herbs and oil.

Pink Sauce

1 qt. Tomato Sauce
2 qt. Heavy Cream
3 oz. Fresh Garlic (chopped)
To Taste Kosher Salt & Pepper

Put tomato sauce in pot. Add garlic and heat up. When marinara sauce comes to a boil add heavy cream, salt and pepper.

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