Roast Turkey

I roast my turkey the way my grandmother and mother have always done it.


Melted butter




1. Remove all giblets etc from inside of the turkey cavity, set aside if you want to roast or cook those later.

2. Melt some butter (how much depends on how big your turkey is).

3. Stuff bird if you are doing so.  I always use the heel of the bread to seal the stuffing in at the end.

4. Rub melted butter  all over the outside of the bird.

5. Mix together some salt and pepper and sprinkle over the bird…it doesn’t take a lot and I always just eyeball it.

6.  Bake at 325.  I follow the common guidelines:  15 minutes per pound unstuffed, 18 minutes per pound stuffed.  I always keep an eye on the time and also watch the turkey to see how it is coming along, sometimes it is done sooner than the guidelines say.  I always check with a meat thermometer to see that it reaches 180 degrees.

Note:  I always baste the turkey with its own juices throughout the roasting process

Remove from the oven and let sit for at least 15 minutes before carving.

IMG_5914-001 IMG_5896-001 IMG_5897-001 IMG_5899-001 IMG_5900-001 IMG_5901-001 IMG_5902-001 IMG_5904-001 IMG_5905-001 IMG_5906-001 IMG_5907-001 IMG_5931-001

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