Maureen’s Roasted Citrus Asparagus

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I have been making roasted asparagus for a long time and recently I had made a salad with citrus dressing and got to thinking it might be good over roasted asparagus.  So tonight I tried it and I was right…it was fantastic!  This will become a staple in our house I think.  The fresh orange slices were a nice addition too…I might add some zest next time too just to see how that is.


Here is what I did:

1 bunch of asparagus

2 large naval oranges

Citrus Viniagrette



olive oil


1.  Trim asparagus then place on baking sheet.

2.  Sprinkle with olive oil then roll asparagus to coat.

3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and then roast.  I think I did about 35o degrees for about a half hour (might have been off on the time, I lost track)

4. Remove roasted asparagus to a serving platter.

5. Peel and cut oranges into slices.  I use a knife to peel the orange and then slice the whole orange…the pictures will explain it better than I can write about it.

6. Pour Citrus Vinaigrettte over asparagus and then lay orange slices over the top. Serve.




2 responses to “Maureen’s Roasted Citrus Asparagus

  1. Maureen, you might try roasting the oranges for the last few minutes, too. It gives a nice flavor, and the warm orange is very good! Also, you could use manderin oranges for ease or when there aren’t any decent oranges at the store. Just some ideas. It sounds Yummy!!! 🙂

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