Maureen’s Bruschetta Pasta Salad

I had made bruschetta for dinner the night before and had a lot left over, so I decided to try making something new with the leftovers.  This came out really great and you could really add anything you wanted to this to jazz it up.  I love black olives and think those would be great added in here.  I also think you could make a hot pasta versin of this dish and it would also be very good. Amounts for this are by no means exact, I just used what I had on hand.  Any type of pasta should work, I just had a partial box of bow ties so I used those.


Leftover bruschetta mixture ( I have recipes for it here and here)

Cooked pasta

Balsamic glaze/drizzle (you can get this bottled in the grocery store or make your own)


Combine cooked pasta and bruschetta mixture in a bowl and toss to mix well.  Drizzle each portion with balsamic glaze as  you serve it.


IMG_5509 IMG_5447 IMG_5448 IMG_5450 IMG_5451 IMG_5453 IMG_5502 IMG_5505 IMG_5508

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