Festive July 4th Fruit Salad

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I saw a few different variations of this online and I decided to combine a couple of the ideas I saw. This would look fantastic as a cook out center piece!

Watermelon (I used seedless)


1 Orange

Bamboo Skewers

1.  Cut the watermelon into slices (we cut them too thick to start so we had to adjust them). Hint:  part way through cutting the slices I got an idea to cut a flat spot in the rind to keep the melon from rolling on us, it worked great!

2. Using a star shaped cookie cutter, cut stars out of the watermelon slices.

3.  Layer blueberries and one watermelon star onto bamboo skewers.  Put the star at the top of the skewer.  Set aside.

4.  Place orange in center of bowl.  Put a layer of watermelon and blueberries in the bottom of the bowl around the orange to stabilize it.

5. Insert blueberry and watermelon skewers into orange at angles…..however you think it looks best.

6. Fill in the rest of the bowl with watermelon and blueberries.  I made sure to turn the watermelon stars so they are visible.

You can serve it just like this,  but I put my bowl on a white platter and placed the July 4th strawberries I made earlier around the base of the bowl. The recipe for those can be found here.




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