July 4th Strawberries

I had seen pictures of this online and decided to try it.  I had to play around a bit for the best technique to apply the blue sugar.  First I tried dipping, that was bad.  Next  I tried rolling, that was not much better.  Finally I tried spooning the sugar over the wet white chocolate and that worked the best.  So my results aren’t gorgeous strawberries but they will due and next time I will know better! Amounts are going to vary according to how much you want to make and what you have on hand.

12 fresh, clean strawberries that are dried off

Melted white chocolate (we used the Wilton candy melt discs since they are easy to work with)

Blue decorator sugar

1. Dip the strawberries in melted white chocolate (we melted in the microwave by zapping it a little, then stirring, then zapping, then stirring etc until we got it how we wanted it).

2. Spoon blue sugar over bottom part of the chocolate dipped berries.


It is that simple!

IMG_5636 IMG_5604 IMG_5607 IMG_5610 IMG_5614 IMG_5626 IMG_5633 IMG_5629




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