Maureen’s Roast Beef with Boursin Sandwiches

I had something similar to this years ago at a gourmet shop and it was really great.  They made the sandwiches on croissants but I use French bread instead…not as rich and holds up better for a picnic.  I recently made these to take on a picnic. Amounts are to your taste.


1 loaf French bread

Rare roast beef

1 container Boursin garlic and herb cheese spread


Tomato slices


1. Cut the French bread in half the long way.

2. Spread the Boursin on the  bottom piece of bread.

3.  Place roast beef slices up and down the length of the bottom of the bread.

4. Place sliced tomatoes on the sandwich, all along the length of the bread.

5. Add lettuce (I like green leaf)

6. Place top on the bread and then cut the sandwich into single serving sized pieces.


IMG_6205 IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6209 IMG_6210 IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6213 IMG_6214 IMG_6217



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