Maureen’s Special Chicken Salad Sandwiches


I have had a variety of chicken salad sandwiches at different places over the years.  I combined things I liked from several and made up my own.  Many chicken salads that I really like have almonds or other nuts in them, but hubby is allergic.  This sandwich allows me to put nuts in mine and leave his plain.  I made this recently for a picnic and they really traveled well. I thought I had lettuce for these sandwiches but I didn’t so the photos won’t show lettuce.


Maureen’s Chicken Salad with Grapes


Sliced almonds


Apricot jam




Pita bread

1. Slice pitas in half and open the pockets up


2. Spread apricot jam on the inside of one side of the pita bread then sprinkle with sliced almonds so they stick to the jam.


3. Add lettuce to the other side of the pocket.


4. Fill pita pocket with chicken salad.



  IMG_5208 IMG_5210

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