Maureen’s Chocolate Cream Pie

I got this recipe in a high school cooking class.  I haven’t made it is years! It is always a big hit and it looks fancy but it is super easy, really!

1 recipe of chocolate pie filling (two if you are making a larger or deep dish pie)

1 pre-baked pie shell (I always just use a frozen pie shell and bake it off but you can make your own if you prefer)

1 batch fresh whipped cream, whipped to stiff peaks (I whip my own and add powdered sugar and vanilla to it)

Maraschino cherries

1 chocolate bar

1. Bake the pie shell and let cool.

2. Make the chocolate filling and pour into cooled pie shell.  Refrigerate to set and cool. I always place a piece of plastic wrap right on top of the pudding mixture and press it right down onto it to avoid the pudding getting a skin on it.

3. Whip the whipped cream to stiff peaks.

4.  Put whipped cream into a pastry bag with a large opening star tip then make swirls all over the top of the pie.  Use whatever pattern you like.  I always add several large swirls around the edges and then one in the middle (see pictures).

5. Place a cherry on top of each of the large swirls.

6. Using a vegetable peeler, shave some of the chocolate bar onto the top of the pie.

7.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

IMG_6548 IMG_6539 IMG_6540 IMG_6542 IMG_6543 IMG_6544 IMG_6546 IMG_6547 IMG_6549

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