Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

We recently got an instant pot for Christmas and are beginning to learn what it will do. We tired hard boiled eggs as our first experiment.  Wow.  Never making them on the stove top again, EVER.  They were perfectly cooked and so easy to peel!  I am sold.  Here is what we did:


1 cup water

as many eggs as you want to cook



Pour the water in the bottom of the pot.  Add the rack that came with your pot or use a steamer basket. I bought a special egg rack and I used that but you don’t need one.

Close and lock the lid.  Put on high pressure for 5 minutes (or if you have an egg button like I do, just press that).

After the 5 minutes count down, time it for another 5 minutes while the steam naturally releases.  After 5 minutes, release the pressure so the rest of the steam comes out of the vent.

Remove the eggs to a bowl of water with ice and time for 5 minutes.

That is it!  You will have perfectly cooked, easy to peel eggs. We made ours into deviled eggs and I was surprised how easily the yolks popped out.



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